Transit & More

TripCheck’s Transit & More pages are here to help Oregonians rely less on personal vehicles and take advantage of travel options that are more beneficial to your health, your community, and your wallet.

These include Bicycling & Walking, Transit & Taxi, Park and Ride, Rideshare / Carpool, and Car Sharing. Explore these pages to find an option that works for you!

Additional Information and Resources to Help You On Your Way

How much does driving alone really cost compared to other options?

Find out using this Cost Calculator.

Did you know transportation produces 38 percent of Oregon's carbon dioxide emissions?

Learn how ODOT is addressing climate change in Oregon.

Spare the air, don't drive alone!

Air pollution from cars and trucks, especially when combined with wood smoke, is a health issue for many Oregon communities. View current air quality conditions throughout Oregon using DEQ’s Air Quality Index map.

Traffic congestion takes a heavy toll on residents, our economy, and the environment.

Discover ways to reduce your car trips in Oregon and SW Washington.

Learn Why ODOT Supports All Modes of Travel

While ODOT began life as the Oregon Highway Department a century ago, today we are much more. In order to become a more sustainable agency and help maintain the high quality of life that Oregonians expect, we are seeking ways to develop more intermodal solutions that support all modes of transportation—not just the car. Learn more about the steps we're taking to become an intermodal transportation agency.