Closed: I-84 Eastbound

Where: Between Exit 193 West of Pendleton and Exit 265 and La Grande - View Map

Why: Crash and/or severe weather conditions

What: Get Key Facts regarding this closure



This map is for identifying local resident detour information ONLY for the EASTBOUND Freeway between Exit 193 and Exit 216. It does NOT show current highway closures or incidences. Return to TripCheck for current status of all highway sections.

Key Facts

What is closed?

Interstate 84 EASTBOUND is closed between Exit 193 West of Pendleton and La Grande Exit 265. This webpage is specifically for EASTBOUND travel. (For status of WESTBOUND freeway or other highway sections in the area check the TripCheck home page for road/weather alerts.

Why is the freeway closed?

The freeway is closed due to a crash that is blocking both EASTBOUND travel lanes and/or a weather event that is making travel extremely hazardous (slick roads, heavy fog, smoke, etc.) between Exit 216 east of Pendleton and Exit 265 in La Grande. Due to limited truck storage space in the Pendleton area the EASTBOUND closure has been moved to Exit 193 to prevent more trucks from heading into the city. There is no more room for trucks to safely park.

The TripCheck alert may identify information regarding reason for closure and/or location of crash. Closures due to weather events are put in place to help protect the safety of travelers. The freeway will be open when it is deemed safe for travel.

What is open to local traffic only?

Only the short section of eastbound freeway between Exit 193 (West of Pendleton) and Exit 216 (East of Pendleton) is open for local residents so they may travel to their homes and for local deliveries. (Note: this local access on the freeway will only be available when the route is deemed safe for travel. During the winter season snow and/or ice may be present on road surfaces and travelers are required to comply with chain laws and drive according to conditions of the road.

What traffic is considered local for this map?

Local traffic for this detour option consists of Pendleton area residents and commercial vehicles making deliveries to the Pendleton and surrounding area (accessed via OR 11 etc.).

Why are some residents allowed past the closure?

The EASTBOUND freeway is closed at Exit 193 to ensure that travelers can exit the freeway to access services (gas, food, lodging, etc.) via alternate routes or by returning on Westbound freeway. ODOT does not want travelers to become stranded on the freeway in areas that are away from these services. Provided the EASTBOUND freeway section between exits 193 and 216 is safe for travel, ODOT also does not want to prevent local residents (or local delivery trucks) from traveling to communities identified above.

Are trucks allowed on the detour?

Commercial trucks will not be allowed on the Eastbound freeway past Exit 193, accept for confirmed local deliveries. Truck drivers may be required to show proof of delivery (bill of lading, etc.) for local area at the closure check point.