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Welcome to the TripCheck Traveler Information Portal

The TripCheck Traveler Information Portal has been established by the partnership of Oregon transportation agencies and is hosted by the Oregon Department of Transportation. This Web portal provides access to a variety of transportation data from those agencies.

This data is intended for organizations that wish to share traveler information with their stakeholders or customers.

The following data is currently available:

Oregon Department of Transportation
Traffic incident data - road weather reports - automated roadside weather station data - roadway sensor data - dynamic message sign data - highway weight restrictions - links to roadside camera images.

This data is provided as a public service, but will require some technical skills with Web technologies and Extensible Markup Language (XML) on the part of a user if it is to be formatted and displayed properly.

Please visit the Terms of Use page to better understand your obligations if you choose to access this data.

Additionally,a User Account must be established prior to accessing the data. Click here to establish a user account.