City of Medford Road Conditions


I-84, 2 miles West of Hood River MP 62; Closure
The highway is closed. Use alternate routes.
Issued: 12/10/2016 09:54 am

I-84, Hood River MP 64 - 17; Closure
I-84 is closed from milepost 17 to 64, use alternate routes. Ramps Affected.
Issued: 12/10/2016 07:03 am

I-84, Troutdale MP 17 - 64; Closure
I-84 is closed in both directions from Troutdale to Hood River due to weather conditions. Use an alternate route. Ramps Affected.
Updated: 12/10/2016 10:14 am

Road Conditions by Route

ORE62 MP .7 to 1.73

Estimated delay under 20 minutes; Construction Work
Lanes Affected: (Westbound) Median , 1 Lane (Eastbound) Median , 1 Lane , Shoulder
Comments: Expect nighttime lane closures. There are changes to access into local businesses, along with traffic pattern shifts. Watch for signs, use caution. Skypark Drive will be closed at the intersection with Hwy 62, nights, from 7PM to 6 AM, Mon. through Thur nights. Access to Skypark Dr will still be open via Whittle Ave.This is the first phase of Hwy 62 Expressway project. During the day workers and equipment will be working off the roadway. All lanes will be open on Hwy 62 between 6 AM and 7 PM, Mon-Thur, and 6 AM to 10 PM Friday-Sunday. The Medco Haul Rd is closed to all traffic , including bicyclist and pedestrians.
Updated: 12/07/2016 1:33 pm

ORE238 MP 32 to 34

Estimated delay under 20 minutes; Maintenance Work
Comments: Road maintenance operations are occurring, use caution.
Updated: 12/10/2016 09:23 am

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