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  • Roadside Camera IconRoad cameras
  • Road Closed IconRoad closed
  • Greater than 2hr delay icon> 2hr delay
  • 20min to 2hr delay icon20mn-2hr delay
  • Less than 20min delay icon< 20mn delay
  • No to Min. delay iconNo to Min. delay
  • Unconfirmed iconUnconfirmed
  • Informational iconInformational
  • Severe Weather Hazard IconWeather hazard
  • Weather Warning IconWeather warning
  • Snow Zone IconSnow zone
  • Weather Station IconWeather stations
  • Road Construction IconConstruction
  • Trucking Restrictions iconTruck restrictions
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South Oregon

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RoadCam - US97 at Modoc Point
RoadCam - US97 at Sand Creek
RoadCam - US97 at Spring Creek  (Bottom of Grade)
RoadCam - US97 at Spring Creek (Top of Grade)
RoadCam - US97 Near ORE138 Jct - Milepoint 214
RoadCam - US97 at Green Springs Interchange
RoadCam - ORE140 at Bly Mtn
RoadCam - ORE140 at Bly
RoadCam - ORE140 at Quartz Mountain
RoadCam - ORE31 at Paisley
RoadCam - US395 at Valley Falls - ORE31
RoadCam - US395 at Lakeview
RoadCam - 299 California at Cedar Pass
RoadCam - ORE140 at Warner Mtn Summit
RoadCam - US395 at Alkali Lake
RoadCam - OR140 at Adel
RoadCam - ORE205 at Frenchglen
Weather Station at Valley Falls
Weather Station at Modoc Point
Weather Station at Sand Creek
Weather Station at Spring Creek (Top of Grade)
Weather Station at Lakeview
Weather Station at Warner Mtn Summit
Weather Station at Paisley
Weather Station at Quartz Mountain
Weather Station at Bly
CHILOQUIN, Carry Chains or Traction Tires
US97 MP 242.3, Informational only
US97 MP 291.7, Estimated delay under 20 minutes
US97 MP 227 to 226, Informational only
ORE140 MP 25 to 34.4, Estimated delay under 20 minutes
ORE140 MP 25.17 to 31.57, Informational only


  • Closure with Detour US101, Tillamook MP 65 - 66, updated: 12/21/2014 07:03 am. High water has closed the road; a detour is in place. Southbound 101 t... More
  • Closure US101, 12 miles North of Florence MP 177, updated: 12/20/2014 4:02 pm. The highway is closed at this location for an unknown amount of time. ... More
  • Weather Alert Harney Co., Malheur Co. Wind Advisory *NOAA Issue Date: 12/21/2014 05:30:00 AM Very windy today in southeast Oregon and southwest Idah... More
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