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  • Roadside Camera IconRoad cameras
  • Road Closed IconRoad closed
  • Greater than 2hr delay icon> 2hr delay
  • 20min to 2hr delay icon20mn-2hr delay
  • Less than 20min delay icon< 20mn delay
  • No to Min. delay iconNo to Min. delay
  • Unconfirmed iconUnconfirmed
  • Informational iconInformational
  • Severe Weather Hazard IconWeather hazard
  • Weather Warning IconWeather warning
  • Snow Zone IconSnow zone
  • Weather Station IconWeather stations
  • Road Construction IconConstruction
  • Trucking Restrictions iconTruck restrictions
  • Parking iconParking

City of Portand

Street Incidents in:
Map of City of Portland
RoadCam - I-5 at Rose Quarter - Broadway
RoadCam - I-5 at Rose Quarter - Interstate Avenue
RoadCam - I-5 at Rose Quarter - Weidler, RoadCam - I-5 at Rose Quarter - Winning Way
RoadCam - US26 at Bethany
RoadCam - I-5 at Rose Quarter Transit Station
RoadCam - I-5 at Rose Quarter - southbound  ramp
RoadCam - US26 at Murray
RoadCam - ORE217 at Tualatin Valley Hwy
RoadCam - ORE217 at Allen
RoadCam - ORE217 at Walker
RoadCam - ORE217 at Denney
RoadCam - ORE217 at Hall
RoadCam - ORE217 at Scholls Ferry Road
RoadCam - US26 at Cedar Hills
RoadCam - OR99W at McDonald, RoadCam - OR99W at Durham Rd
RoadCam - ORE217 at Greenburg
RoadCam - US26 at Sunset Transit Center near ORE217
RoadCam - US26 at ORE217
RoadCam - ORE217 at ORE99W
RoadCam - US26 at Camelot Court Overpass
RoadCam - I-5 at ORE217
RoadCam - I-5 at ORE99W - Barbur Blvd.
RoadCam - I-5 at Haines
RoadCam - US26 at Sylvan Interchange
RoadCam - I-5 at Capitol
RoadCam - US26 at Zoo Bridge
RoadCam - US26 at Washington Park
RoadCam - US26 at Jefferson off-Ramp
RoadCam - I-5 at Terwilliger
RoadCam - I-405 at Montgomery
RoadCam - I-405 at Everett
RoadCam - ORE99W at Bertha
RoadCam - I-405 at Fourth
RoadCam - US26 at East Vista Ridge Tunnel
RoadCam - I-5 at Fremont Bridge
RoadCam - I-5 at I-405 - Naito Parkway
RoadCam - I-5 at Brier Place
RoadCam - I-5 at Morrison Bridge
RoadCam - I-5 at Miles
RoadCam - I-5 at Going
RoadCam - I-5 at Fremont
RoadCam - I-5 at Macadam
RoadCam - I-84 at Grand
RoadCam - I-5 at Morrison
RoadCam - US26 at Ross Island Bridge
RoadCam - I-84 at Metro Bldg.
RoadCam - I-84 at Lloyd Blvd
RoadCam - US26 at Milwaukie
RoadCam - I-84 at 28th
RoadCam - I-84 at 37th
Weather Station at Fremont Bridge West
Weather Station at Zoo Bridge
Weather Station at Allen Blvd
Weather Station at Greenburg Rd
Weather Station at US26 & OR217
ORE217 MP 0 to 7.52, Estimated delay under 20 minutes
ORE217 MP 6.69, Estimated delay under 20 minutes
I-5 MP 290.48, Informational only
ORE99 MP 6.54, Informational only
ORE99W MP 7.93 to 8.65, Estimated delay under 20 minutes
ORE99W MP 7.61, Estimated delay under 20 minutes
I-405 MP 1.17, Informational only
I-405 MP .99, Informational only
I-405 MP 1.24, Informational only
ORE43 MP .59, Informational only
ORE43 MP .31, No to Minimum Delay


  • Closure ORE224, 8 miles East of Estacada MP 31 - 36, updated: 12/17/2014 3:18 pm. Hwy closed from Promontory Park MP 31 to MP 38. Escorted access has... More
  • Closure with Detour US101B, 2 miles West of Astoria MP 5, updated: 12/10/2014 10:31 am. The Lewis and Clark River Bridge will be closed starting Dece... More
  • Weather Alert North Coast, Central Coast High Wind Watch *NOAA Issue Date: 12/17/2014 06:34:00 PM High Wind Watch in effect from Thursday afternoon ... More
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