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  • Roadside Camera IconRoad cameras
  • Road Closed IconRoad closed
  • Greater than 2hr delay icon> 2hr delay
  • 20min to 2hr delay icon20mn-2hr delay
  • Less than 20min delay icon< 20mn delay
  • No to Min. delay iconNo to Min. delay
  • Unconfirmed iconUnconfirmed
  • Informational iconInformational
  • Severe Weather Hazard IconWeather hazard
  • Weather Warning IconWeather warning
  • Snow Zone IconSnow zone
  • Weather Station IconWeather stations
  • Road Construction IconConstruction
  • Trucking Restrictions iconTruck restrictions
  • Parking iconParking

Northwest Oregon


  • Closure I-84, 10 miles East of La Grande MP 271, updated: 06/29/2015 3:38 pm. A vehicle fire has occurred, use alternate routes. More
  • Closure with Detour I-84, Baker City MP 304, issued: 06/29/2015 2:46 pm. The highway is closed; a detour is in place. Use an alternate route. More
  • Closure with Detour ORE99W, Intersection with Pacific Highway I-5 MP -..., updated: 06/12/2015 4:16 pm. The southbound lanes of OR 99W (North Denver ... More
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